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I was a little schmuck, age 8, and I was really into professional wrestling. I remember being in the Boy Scouts, and I remember I was homesick. If I made a whole week without begging for home, then I’d get a replica of a belt from a certain promotion. I....didn’t make it without begging, but my parents still don’t know that. Anyway, unfortunately, we didn’t have the funds for it at the time. I eventually got it, but at that moment, I got something that changed my life; I got a signature Les Paul with a Humbucker single pickup. The first guitar I ever owned....wasn’t very powerful on the amp. But, after a few months, I went to the School of Rock. I learned three things: stage presence, songs, and my future job. I knew it would eventually take me somewhere. Around 2014-2015, I left the School, and it was hard. I wasn’t getting anywhere. All I knew when I left was chords, and I wanted more. So I auditioned for this High School, the High School I’m in currently, and I got in. I’m in the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts, or in my case (ChArts). And I’ve learned a lot since then. I’m still not quite there to be completely ready yet, but I’m getting there slowly but surely.

My guardians? They’ve never been in the music industry....well, my father has, but that didn’t entirely work. He managed a band called Mad Souls and then drummed for a High School band, but there really wasn’t a name, so I’m gonna give them a name, Anonymous To Sin. There we go. Anyway, he tried playing guitar, before I got my Les Paul, and he taught me some chords, but to be fair he can’t sight-read. So the way he was learning wasn’t the way I was learning at the time. He eventually gave up and gave me his guitar. He now currently resides at his new home of AT&T, no not literally. My mother never was interesting in starting a band or being a solo act like myself. She’s already got enough on her plate at a trucking company, so she hasn’t ever tried, as far as I’m aware. 

As for my influences, I can’t say a whole lot now that time has changed. Originally, it was performers like Bob Dylan, Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Eddie Van Halen, and now since time has changed, its more like all of them. I’m starting to listen to newer Indy bands. I’m kinda all-round now. I like listening to Jazz, Metal, Djent, Rock, & Blues. Can’t stand Country, like almost any rockstar, but I know that a lot of people like Country, so I play some. My main influences though, I prefer to say Blake Allison (Devour The Day), Frank Sinatra, B.B. King, David Bowie, and Chris Cornell. Only one of them is still alive today, but their music is something special. It gives me the vibe to play music, something not a lot of people dream of, and I know this is only the start, but we all have to wait and see the future of “Jay-T.” Even I don’t know what’s in store.